About LINQSamples

I have developed web applications in ASP.NET for many years, and have come to appreciate the elegance and beauty of the query like syntax of LINQ. Where in the old days, I had to write trivial lengthy code lines to work with data collections, I can now do the same in a single line or two using a convenient SQL-like syntax.

I compiled this site for all .NET developers who need easy access to LINQ samples and examples. This has been done by:

At present the samples are only written for LINQ to Objects, but I plan to add LINQ to Entities and whatever else may be useful over time.

While creating this site I found a lot of inspiration from Microsoft's 101 LINQ Samples, and Wikipedia. These LINQ Examples, Tips and How To's have also been most helpful.

You are of course free to copy any of the LINQ code samples from this site and use in your own projects.

Should you have any comments or questions to this guide feel free to contact me (see Contact section).

- Best always from Linq-Bob.